50 Fantastisk kæledyr Pets Have You Smooched Your Pooch Today? as well as exactly how Was His Breath?

Have You Smooched Your Pooch Today? as well as exactly how Was His Breath?

Note: I’ve partnered with Pooch Smooch to bring you this post.

Please tell me you’ve experienced this:

So … you’re sitting back on the couch about to enjoy The walking Dead. You’re curled up with a blanket as well as some peanut M&Ms.

And then it happens.

It’s minor at first, however then DEAR GOD, it hits you like a blast of compressed air! That foul, God-awful, pungent odor that may also be a decaying squirrel mixed with a skunk’s ass as well as rotten egg salad.

And then you realize, no, it’s not a Zombie Squirrel hovering over you in the dark. No. It’s your cherished chocolate Goldendoodle, Annabelle.

Let me describe what just happened.

You were hit by DAWG breath!

This is triggered by:

your pet dog eating something additional smelly (like that zombie squirrel) OR

bacteria developed up on the dog’s teeth, gums as well as tongue

Yuck! The TONGUE?


Thankfully, some wise people have come up with some solutions for a dog’s “morning breath” as well as you have a a number of choices such as:

Brushing your dog’s teeth on a regular basis (not lots of do this however all of us should)

Regularly providing your pup chews as well as bones

Using the Pooch Smooch to clean your dog’s tongue

And that’s why the Pooch Smooch clean exists.

It’s a product that ties a DISGUSTING problem to a fun treat for your dog.

The Pooch Smooch is an odor-eliminating tongue cleaner for dogs!

There are tongue cleaners for people. Why not make them for dogs too?

If your pet dog would like to try this product, just leave a comment below to go into my giveaway. let me understand why you believe your pup must have this product. Klik her.

More details on the Pooch Smooch!

The Pooch Smooch comes with different flavors of “Pooch Paste” to get your pet dog interested, as well as then the numerous small bristles are created to scrape away the bacteria as your pet dog licks the brush.

Det giver mening.

While there are several choices for cleaning your dog’s teeth, these don’t precisely clean your dog’s tongue.

I mean, I assumption you might try to clean your dog’s tongue with a toothbrush, however great luck with that, right?

With the Pooch Smooch, you just let your pet dog lick the brush. It’s not indicated to replace routine tooth brushing, however it’s created to be utilized in addition to brushing the teeth as well as providing chews or raw bones.

The Pooch Smooch is an simple method to at least get rid of a few of that nasty bacteria discovered on your dog’s tongue.

It is suggested by Dr. Christine Priest, a veterinarian with the VCA Mission Viejo (Calif.) animal Hospital.

See the video below:

What I like about the Pooch Smooch

It solves an embarrassing problem, as well as the company embraces this as well as has fun with it!

Using this tongue cleaner is fun for the pet dog (vs. having his teeth brushed).

It can be utilized in addition to other cleaning techniques like providing raw bones.

My pet dog Ace has tried this as well as it works to immediately, temporarily decrease his smelly breath. kind of like if you were to chew on a piece of gum.

What’s not so good

I would not want somebody to believe this might be a replacement for brushing a dog’s teeth or providing things to chew on.

The Pooch Paste needs to be refrigerated after opening. (No huge deal. just something to know.)

My pet dog needed a bit time to get utilized to the bristles. It shocked him at first, which was type of cute. ?

Pooch Smooch ordering information

Click right here to get the Pooch Smooch & Pooch Paste for just $19.95
If you would like to buy a Pooch Smooch, the business is using a sale. You can get the Pooch Smooch clean as well as six 3-ounce pouches of Pooch Paste all for $19.95. This is about a six-month supply of the paste. offer restricted TIME.

Order just the Pooch Paste – $9.99

If you’re thinking about just the Pooch Paste, it is offered in two 8-ounce bundles for $9.99. Klik her.

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Just leave a comment below to enter.

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Do you believe a Pooch Smooch might assist your dog?

Let me understand in the comments!

How poor is your puP’s åndedræt?!

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