I like technology, however I am quickly overwhelmed.

My goal is to make my living with blogging, however I am an extremely private, timid as well as peaceful person.

I am not offered at all times. I utilize a four-year-old “dumb” phone, as well as it’s always on silent. I’ve been eligible for the discounted upgrade for more than two years, however the phone I utilize works just fine.

I take a great deal of photos, however I seldom edit them. I point, shoot as well as post. In a world where whatever is fake, the journalist in me wants something real.

Josh as well as I have not had cable or satellite TV since 2006. We utilize Netflix as well as iTunes as well as Hulu for whatever we want to watch. We select what we want to see as well as when we want to see it.

Vi læser.

My mom worried that without TV I may miss out on something. I may be as well disconnected (never mind that I helped a newspaper at the time).

Instead I’m more alert. more conscious. more sensitive. now that I’m “disconnected,” I notice violence, sexism, additional noise.

I try not to take in what I’m fed.

A group of good friends as well as I gathered at Applebees to watch the Republican presidential debates recently. everybody else in the bar was watching an NFL game.

I enjoy sports, however something is off.

I checked out a Facebook publish awhile back where the person stated she would rather die of her own cancer returning than listen to a Republican.

I likewise prevent siding with “the right” (or the left), however that’s a great deal of people to hate.

There’s an awful great deal of fear as well as blame out there, mainly fear.

One of the most caring people in the world asks me a number of times per year: “You don’t walk any type of of those pitbull dogs, do you?”

She asks since she likes me.

This family member of mine fears “pitbulls,” yet she’s not sure what a “pitbull” looks like. She is not a dog person.

For the record, I walk a number of pit-type dogs. sometimes two or three at a time.

A good friend told me she walked with a park one morning for the very first time in months. She commented on exactly how she saw a butterfly as well as a garden as well as exactly how everything seemed poetic.

I recognize most people are like my good friend as well as may take a walk in a park when or twice per season, as well as that’s it for the entire year.

I walk with a number of parks every day, during all seasons.

Early November is when I see geese gathering as well as leaving, bits of color lingering in trees, my dog’s breath in the morning air. It’s when I see frost finish the grass as well as the dogs are in top hunting mode, always searching for squirrels or rabbits, migrating birds.

When I’m out running the dogs, I recall all the things that represent November to me – an end to swimming methods as well as rugby games, a dusting of snow in Minnesota specify parks, drinking a beer out back, clinging to the edge of the sun.

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