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Poo vault – product for Holding Smelly pet dog Poop Bags On Walks

Note: This post is sponsored by Poo Vault.

I can’t tell you how lots of times I’ve been out running with multiple dogs and they wait until we’re 2 miles from the nearest trash can to do their “business.”

Ugh! Dogs! Why couldn’t you “go” when we stopped by that Dumpster for five minutes?

So then you’ll see me running with two dogs and often up to three used bags!

Add wintertime weather to the mix and it’s even worse. Icy roads. Mittens. A facemask. trash bins buried in the snow. At least I don’t have to deal with that anymore!

I’ve absolutely cursed the City of Fargo under my breath while running.

Is it so freaking hard to put up a lot more trash bins?

So what in the world is the Poo Vault?

The Poo vault is a brand new product that allows you to carry your dog’s used poop bags hands complimentary and without the odor.

You simply drop the used poop bag into the “vault” (which is about 5” large 3.5” tall) and clasp the seal. The odor is “trapped” in the vault, according to the product’s creator.

The Poo vault is currently on Kickstarter seeking $14,500 to cover its manufacturing costs. There is currently a functioning prototype version of the Poo Vault, and the money raised in the Kickstarter campaign will go towards making the real deal.

I was asked by the designer of the Poo vault if I would share info about the Kickstarter campaign with my readers. I have not actually used the Poo Vault.

My thoughts on the Poo Vault:

This product absolutely solves a real problem for suburban and urban pet dog owners, responsible ones anyway!

Since people are already carrying around poop bag dispensers and treat pouches, some of those same pet dog owners might carry a Poo vault too.

My question would be, does it really consist of the odor? The designer of the Poo vault says it does.

What is the cost of a Poo Vault?

The Poo vault is not available yet. It is seeking $14,500 on Kickstarter to cover the manufacturing costs.

You can pre-order a vault when you back the Kickstarter campaign by $12 or more. any individual who backs the campaign with $12+ will receive a Poo vault in early 2017 (free shipping in the U.S.).

What’s special about the Poo Vault?

This is the first time I’ve heard about a product created for carrying used poop bags. Plus, it apparently has the ability to trap in the odor.

I’m embarrassed to admit I have “double bagged” my dog’s poop and then carried it in my backpack. This product would be a much a lot more sanitary and less embarrassing solution, especially if it genuinely hides the odor.

Pros of the Poo Vault:

Solves the problem of having to carry a smelly poop bag!

Allows you to have both hands available for pet dog walking

Comes with a carabineer so it can clip to a leash or running belt

3 sizes are planned

The seal locks in the odor so you can’t smell the poo!

Helpful if you’re walking multiple dogs or strong puller and need both hands available


I’m not a fan of carrying around extra items on walks (poop bag dispensers, Flexi leash handles, treat pouches, running belts). In a way, the Poo vault complicates things.

It’s not available yet

Might be too large or too small for some dogs, but three sizes are eventually planned.

Would I get this product?

No, this is not a product I would get or use. It’s just a personal preference. I like to be as lightweight as possible on walks and can’t stand having extra items bouncing around such as a Flexi leash manage or a running belt. (Jeg er kræsen!)

I could possibly see myself using this for when I’m carrying a backpack in a lot more rural areas. When there are no trash cans available, I could use the Poo vault for my dog’s used bag and then put the Poo vault in my backpack until we come across a trash area.

Would I recommend the product to others?

Yes, I would recommend this product for people who can’t stand carrying a smelly poop bag and don’t mind having extra items like treat pouches, poop-bag dispensers, etc.

We all have different routines when walking our dogs, and I think this product would fix a lot of problems for the ideal pet dog owners. professional pet dog walkers might want to consider using it.

Some Poo vault facts:

What do the rest of you think of the Poo Vault?

The designer of the product is in the stage where she needs to learn whether or not people genuinely want a Poo Vault. I imagine your feedback would be helpful to her at this stage.

In the comments, let me know what you think of the Poo vault idea and if you would use something like this or know someone who wouldVær interesseret (tænk, folk, der bor i byer).

Del dette indlæg for at lade andre kæledyrshundeejere vide om kampagnen.

Hvad synes du om Poo Vault?

Fortæl mig det i kommentarerne!

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