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Does Your dog understand the Word “Drop?”

Do you utilize “drop” to get your dog to decrease something he has in his mouth?

And does he listen?

It’s one of the most important words to teach a dog however frequently overlooked.

“Drop” can prevent your dog from eating something dangerous and can even save his life.

It’s also a helpful way to interact when you want your dog to decrease a toy or rawhide without getting bitten as well as without chasing him (we’ve all played that game!).

Finally, mentor a dog to drop – and that great things occur when he does – is a great method to prevent possessiveness of toys as well as bones. It’s not necessarily going to get rid of the issue completely, however it’s a start.

A couple examples where “drop” can are available in handy:

Telling your dog to decrease a cooked poultry bone or other garbage.

Asking him to decrease a rawhide or toy.

Telling him to decrease a dead snake he discovered in the yard.

Let me understand in the comments some examples of when you’ve had to utilize the “drop” command.

Unlike the obvious commands like sit as well as come, “drop” is something new dog owners may not even believe about teaching. “Leave it” is one more great one to teach.

Simple steps – exactly how to teach a dog to drop

When mentor a dog to drop, what you requirement to understand is this:

1. Hold extremely valued food as well as tell your dog to “drop” a tiring item like a toy. Then, instantly reward him with the food.

2. one more choice is not to state anything. Instead, wait on your dog to decrease the item on his own. Then, state “yes!” as well as reward with the food.

The dog ultimately thinks, “Wow, great things occur when I decrease this toy.” After a number of repetitions, start adding the verbal cue “drop.”

Other tips for mentor drop

1. Make “drop” ridiculously easy.

The dog should be holding a tiring toy as well as the reward should be high.

Eventually, you can difficulty him to decrease somewhat more “valuable” items. After that, work on asking him to decrease “ultimate” products like rawhides. Or dead squirrels? ?

With time, you can weed out the reward about half the time. That method he’ll still be eager to decrease on cue in anticipation of a reward.

2 method in managed scenarios.

You don’t want to method drop when your dog has grabbed a cookie off the counter as well as there’s no method in hell he’s going to decrease it.

Instead, method when you can comply with with as well as make sure your dog really does decrease the item. That method he learns it’s finest to listen to you. He gets a reward, as well as his response becomes almost automatic.

What if my dog won’t decrease the item?

This can be so frustrating!

If your dog refuses to decrease the product or if he’s showing aggression, utilize your finest judgement as well as do be careful. I have written a publish on possessiveness here.

Here are some suggestions:

1. discover a much better food reward.

Try genuine chicken, bacon, hot dogs or beef jerky.

You likewise may requirement more practice getting your dog to decrease “boring” toys as well as products before you move on to higher-valued items.

2. provide the original product right back.

Another technique you can utilize is to provide the original product right back as the reward for “drop.”

Some dogs understand you’re going to take away that valued product (and sometimes you have to), so they hang onto it with all their might.

If it’s risk-free to let your dog keep whatever he has, by all means, utilize that as the reward! “God dreng!”

For my dog, the very best reward is just throwing the sphere he just dropped. No food reward necessary for my Retrieving Nut! He will decrease absolutely anything if it means I’ll throw the ball. Oh, Ace. You’re so simple sometimes. ?

You understand your dog best. get innovative as well as use what works.

What techniques or tips have you utilized for mentor your dog to decrease on command?

Another great one to teach is “leave it” which I composed about here.

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